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Arrangement For All Level



The best level for teams who have just started playing instruments and want to enjoy marching performance.



The best level for teams who have become accustomed to playing musical instruments and are about to aim for the top in the competition.



The best level for teams who have already acquired advanced techniques and want to win a gold medal in the final of the competition.
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My mission is to provide all artists of marching bands, drumcorps, indoor-winds with arrangements that make them feel the fun, drama and excitement of music.
Hayato Kawakami
Marching Music Arranger

Greetings From Japan

I’m Hayato Kawakami.
I have been arranging music for marching bands in Japan for more than 10 years.

In Japan, there are only a few opportunities a year for marching performances.
After practicing for more than six months, many teams perform only once in the qualifying round of a competition, and unfortunately, if they lose in the qualifying round, the show is over for that year.
For this reason, Japanese marching needs to be arranged in such a way that the theme of the show is properly conveyed to the audience just by watching it once.
This means that for both the audience and the judges, even the grandmother or friend of a performer who is seeing marching for the first time can understand and enjoy their show.
This is true for all ages and levels.
No matter what stage your team is on, we can help you get the most out of your performers and make marching a great experience.

My marching band arrangement style may be a little different from the popular style in US.
It has the potential to become your team’s personality and bring a special performance that other teams don’t.

Now, let’s excite the field with me.


My Programs Are Tailored To Suit You

Competition for Marching Band / Drumcorps / Indoor-winds

Aim for a high score so-called “Box 5” with orchestration and arrangement techniques that showcase the best elements of your team.
Make a good impression on the audience with consistent musicianship from the impressive opening to the ending.

EVENT / Parade

I provide arrangements that can be enjoyed by both performers and audiences who are not familiar with music.


Orchestration to make the whole concert hall sound beautiful.
It’s a little different from an arrangement that is supposed to be played outdoors.

Examples of
past arrangement

frozen noel

Frozen Noël

Based on movie “Home Alone”

On a quiet winter morning, the reflection of the snow sparkles. Christmas carols can be heard, but the harsh winter can freeze the carols.
Snowstorms come again and again, but eventually
Frozen carols are set unleash with blessings.

To be a Star

To be a Star

A girl dreams of becoming a musical star.
She goes through various difficult challenges and struggles, and eventually makes a spectacular debut.

Mask of Zorro


It uses music from Mask of Zorro.
From the advent of heroes, they run around the Spanish wilderness.
After the desert storm, passionate music continues to grow.
This item has been arranged in a modern style with an image of the tune of DCI in the 90’s and 2000’s when there were many Spanish songs.

Ready to pursue
your dream

I am excited that my arrangements can help your team to shine on the field.